Whether prosthesis implant, crown or bridge - depending on the needs and purpose of our customers, we have a variety of dentures. Even before the actual treatment, we show you the end result on the computer. Did you have an accident and need an immediate solution, this is not a problem for us.
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We offer a variety of dentures depending on the needs and preferences of our costumers.
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Denture Options

Prosthesis are used for prosthetic restoration of a toothless or a partially toothless jaw. A denture is a removable dental prosthesis. It enables you to restore your chewing, speech and aesthetics.

Tooth shape, colour, bite height and bite position are calculated for each patient individually and set together. An optimal fit is very important. The prosthesis is lacerated directly on the oral mucosa.

There are different types of prostheses such as total prosthesis, steel bracket and over dentures.

Your dentist will be happy to advise you.
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Implants are artificial tooth roots made out of highly purified titanium. Generally, patients routinely receive implants under sterile conditions to ensure maximum sterility. Usually the surgery is an outpatient procedure which uses local anaesthesia; it is also a painless procedure. If desired, the procedure may be performed under general anaesthesia.

Once the anaesthetic is in effect, the gums are opened carefully by folding them back. By precisely matching predrills, the implant bed is inserted into the jawbone as gently as possible. This is performed using constantly sterile cooling water to avoid heating and damage to the bone. An alternative to this traditional method of operation involves minimally invasive surgery that is performed using a template instead of folding back the gums. However, this requires a previous three-dimensional representation of the mouth’s topography using a DVT (see 3D X-ray) and a computer simulation of the operation.

The appropriate implant is then selected and screwed in. Upon request, the gums are then sewn back together.
There is a final X-ray check-up and documentation of the results. Proper care instructions are discussed with the patient and provided to them in writing so the post-procedure period runs smoothly. The patient also receives appropriate medication and schedules a check-up. In comparison to other dental surgery, there is strikingly little need for pain medication.
The stitches are removed after 8 to 10 days. The bone tissue and the implant firmly grow together during the healing period of 2 to 6 months. Finally, stable base crowns, bridges or dentures are able to firmly attach themselves to the bone.
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A crown encloses the entire tooth and is made of metal ceramic or complete ceramic. That means that the core is either made of high gold alloy and it is fired with ceramic or it is made entirely of ceramic. The tooth has natural appearance in both cases. A crown protects the tooth if there is already a large filling or if a piece of the tooth has broken away. In the past, crowns were made of pure metal. Porcelain crowns were later associated with metal frames (PMF). Whenever possible, we use metal-free porcelain crowns (zirconia or e.max).
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A proven solution to close a gap between teeth is the nearly invisible fixed bridge. It means, though, the adjacent teeth on the right and left must be ground down and crowned. They serve as bridge abutments. They enable the permanent link of an artificial tooth or teeth, depending on how many teeth are needed.